“When I was first introduced to the tax and business group, my business structure was in shambles. Jim not only fix the structure he gave me detail instruction and knowledge on how to run my business professionally and efficiently. He taught me so much about requirements and forms in 2 months than I had not learned in a whole year with another consultant I used prior to the tax group. Definitely a business I would recommend to anyone. I’m grateful to have them as an extension to my business.”

Charity V

“When Jim and I connected the experience extremely professional. He helped me out so much. I didn’t know any steps of what I needed to start my business. I knew what I needed just not how to get it. He has been very committed to making sure I have all the tools I need to get up and running. I send referrals to him on the regular. Need to be incorporated? See Jim!”

Precious W

“When I met Jim I had just had my business taxes prepared. I had him to look them over and fortunately for me I did. Jim located errors that could have gotten me into big trouble corrected them and then we filed. I was impressed and was also in the process of needing help with setting up my business and had no Idea of how or were to start. I hired Jim and he has me on the right track and going in the right direction. I am learning a great deal with his assistance and help. Jim comes highly recommended in my book.”

Lorna Jackson

“James and his team have been lifesavers. They have taken my business from concept to reality. They have been there every step of the process and continue to provide results and solutions.”

Brittany Oliver